Mt. Hope Christian Academy strives for the highest possible academic standards. All of our faculty and staff have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a firm commitment to the Word of God.
Mrs. Martha Cruise
BS in Elementary Education
Teaching Experience: 10 years
Interesting Fact: Mrs. Cruise was a recipient of a kidney transplant that has allowed her to be able to lead a happy, healthy life and serve God with renewed passion. 
First Grade
Mrs. Bethany Donelow
BS in Recreation & Tourism
MA in Elementary Education
Teaching Experience: 10 years
Interesting Fact: Mrs. Donelow loves to spend her evenings working out at C4.  However, she has a serious addiction to Chick-fil-A.  
Second Grade
Mrs. Laura Schoolcraft
Regents Bachelor of Arts
Enrolled in Master’s Program in Teaching at Liberty University 
Certified through ACSI
Teaching Experience: 10 years
Interesting Fact: Mrs. Schoolcraft absolutely loves working with kids and has spent many years actively serving in various children’s ministries. She truly feels teaching is her calling and feels blessed to have the opportunity to invest in the next generation at MHCA!
Third Grade
Mrs. Jolysa Blankenship
BS in Elementary Education
MA in Reading
Teaching Experience: 7 years
Interesting Fact: Mrs. Blankenship has a SERIOUS passion for sports; it’s a family tradition! In fact, her family holds over 10 state titles in three different sports. She plans to use that passion to coach future MHCA Warriors.
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Kara Shuemake
BS in Education
MA in Reading
Teaching Experience: 13 years
Interesting Fact: Mrs. Shuemake loves to dance! She frequently invents super-cheesy dance moves (despite being terribly uncoordinated), much to the amusement of her family. 
Fifth Grade
Ms. Melanie Kessler
BS in Elementary Education
Teaching Experience: 32 years
Interesting Fact: Ms. Kessler loves to travel. She collects prayer rocks from different destinations, as a reminder of the special places visited. 
Social Studies / History
Mrs. Katelyn Moore
BS in Physical and Health Education K-12
Certified in Social Studies through WVDE
Teaching Experience: 4 years


Interesting Fact: Mrs. Moore was an All State catcher. In 2009, her travel softball team won the ISA World Championship in Cocoa Beach, Florida! During her time in Cocoa Beach, she watched the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch from Kennedy Space Center!  

ELA (7th-10th)
Mrs. Carla Bower
B.A. English, Ohio State University
Teacher Certification, Metro State University, Denver, CO 
7-10 Grade English/Language Arts
Interesting Fact: Carla loves to adventure and believes that nature and outdoor pursuits are a wonderful way to experience God’s glory. She had her twins at the tender age of forty and has enjoyed adventuring all over again with them. She is excited to start this new journey with kids in tow, as they will start 2nd grade at MHCA in August 2019.
Math (6th-8th)
Mrs. Nicole Colson
BS in Elementary Education
MA in Multi-Subject Gifted Education
Teaching Experience: 9 years
Interesting Fact: Mrs. Colson loves spending time with family, hiking, adventuring, reading and also enjoys game nights with friends. Despite her claims of not being a fan of running, she often finds herself in 5Ks. 
Science (6th-8th)
Mrs. Carol Green
BS General Science Education 
MS in Education: Math through Algebra One
Teaching Experience: 22 years
Interesting Fact
English/Social Studies (9th-10th)
Mrs. Sam Wiley
BS Social Studies Education (5-12)
BS History
Teaching Experience: 6 years
Interesting Fact: Mrs. Wiley loves her family, friends, the Mountaineers, new adventures and a good Laffy Taffy joke. She hates long walks on the beach and much to the amusement of her friends, she cannot clap on beat during worship at church, no matter how hard she tries!
Mr. Levi Messer
BS Electrical Engineering
Minor in Mathematics
Teaching Experience: 1st year
Interesting Fact: Mr. Messer loves outdoor activities like; hiking, swimming, rock climbing, cliff jumping, skateboarding, snowboarding and skiing. This is one of the reasons he loves West Virginia, because it is the perfect place to do all those things.
High School (11th-12th)
Mrs. Veronica Simms
BS in Communications
Teaching Experience: 4 years
Interesting Fact: Mrs. Simms Enjoys watching movie bonus features and learning how the movie was made.